Your mouth consumes a lot of bacteria throughout the day. Bacteria notably builds up inside the mouth after you’ve eaten but you’ve likely noticed that bacteria rests on the tongue. So, if you’re wondering what the cause of bad breath is, it’s likely to be because your tongue is full of bacteria. This means that tongue scraping is important.

What is the most natural way to remove bacteria off the tongue for a fresher mouth? Well, have you tried tongue scraping?

Toxins from food and drink don’t just impact the mouth, but when toxins in the mouth are not properly digested, they can accumulate inside the body and compromise natural well-being. Naturally, you will begin to see a white coating on the tongue, a bad odour from the mouth and a diminishing appetite.

To resolve this, scraping the tongue should be an important part of your daily oral routine.


How Should I Perform Tongue Scraping?

Performing tongue scraping shortly after brushing your teeth is recommended. The steps are relatively simple and will only take a minimum of 1 to 2 minutes.

Yes, Tongue Scraping Is Important…

Tongue scraping is important because bacteria can move away from your tongue and accumulate inside the body, which isn’t good news for your overall health. Alongside maintaining strong immunity, there are some important benefits of tongue scraping to your oral health.

Improves Tongue Appearance

When your tongue demonstrates a white appearance, it means its full of bacteria, and food particles are the culprit of that. Tongue scraping helps to remove this to restore your tongue to its natural healthy pink colour.

Improve Sense of Taste

You’re unlikely to taste other foods the way you’d expect if your tongue is coated with bacteria. When tongue scraping, you’d be able to distinguish sweet, sour and bitter tastes better.

Decreases Plaque

Bacteria on your tongue can actually form dental plaque build-up and tartar around your teeth, a yellow pale substance that requires professional cleaning to scrape off. This can harden into tartar which is even more difficult to remove, damaging the look and feel of your smile.

Fresher Breath

Most importantly, your breath will become fresher. The surface of the tongue is the perfect breeding ground for different sources of flavour. This will block your taste buds, but also produce a bad odour in the mouth. For fresher breath, scrape your tongue.


It is important to know that bacteria on your tongue doesn’t simply mean your tongue is in poor condition. Alongside this, bacteria can penetrate inside the mouth if its not cleaned out, because bacteria can cause enamel erosion when it combines with sugars in the mouth to form an acid attack. Therefore, tongue scraping is important to continue to control the bad bacteria and breed good bacteria by keeping the mouth and your tongue clean and fresh.

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