Tooth Gems (tooth jewellery) are making a dazzling comeback. Developed as a trend in Sweden in the 1970s, this dental jewellery is becoming extremely popular once more.

At Lotus Dental Brunswick, we can safely and efficiently help you jazz up your smile with our tooth gems Melbourne services. Have questions about the process of achieving a bejewelled smile? Lotus Dental has the answers.

What Are Tooth Gems?

A tooth gem is a tiny jewel of about 0.4 to 0.9 millimetres thick and up to 3 millimetres in length. The dental jewellery adheres to the teeth with special glue.

Tooth Gems are available in a variety of designs. Sometimes, people select rhinestones, crystals, gold, or designs with their initials and other fun symbols.

How Do You Apply To My Teeth?

Placing a gem or jewellery onto your tooth is a simple procedure. We apply the gem to the enamel on the front tooth of your choice. You can select your gem style and colour.

Your practitioner will apply the ornament using a unique, non-toxic dental glue. The dentist will then use a UV light to set the adhesive and to make the gem stay on securely.

Are They Painful?

There is no pain at all. You do not need to have an injection for pain as you would for a filling, for example. The gem simply bonds to the enamel of your tooth. It takes a few minutes to dry , and then you are good to go.

Can I Get a Tooth Gem if I Have on a Crown or Veneers?

No, unfortunately not. The dental adhesive used in the process will only bond to your tooth’s natural enamel.

Do I Have to Be Careful When I Brush?

As your jewellery bonds to your tooth with a strong, dental standard adhesive, it is unlikely that it will easily come loose. It is a good idea to exercise common sense with this, however. That is, do not brush especially hard over the gem, and try not to lift it by mistake when flossing.

Using an electric toothbrush is also not advisable if you have a tooth gem.

Can I Still Get My Teeth Cleaned?

It would be best if you continue with your routine check-up appointments with your dentist.

How Long Will It Last?
It is best to look at removing and or re-adhering your tooth gem at six to 24 months, depending on what type or style of jewellery you have.

When Can I Get Started?

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