Sleep Dentistry (Dental Sedation) in Brunswick

Does the thought of going to the dentist make you sweat with fear or anxiety? Would you rather endure a toothache or postpone dental treatment than set foot inside a dental clinic? If you answered ‘Yes’ to both questions, you are not alone. In a survey of the most fears of adults, fear of going to the dentist ranked second only to the fear of public speaking. Our aim is to help dental patients, to enable them to receive the quality of care they truly deserve, in an atmosphere of relaxation, mental ease and safety.

A number of Australians suffering from dental fear would rather let their teeth rot than face the uncertainties at the dental clinic. Exposure to stimuli such as the sound of drills or dental smells provokes immediate fear, which results in anxiety attacks and distress.

Fortunately, patients with dental fear need not evade their dentists out of anxiety. At Lotus Dental, we offer various levels of sedation dentistry those who suffer from dental phobia to help them receive proper dental treatment without provoking panic attacks

Three types of sedation:

  1. Oral Sedation: A pill in the hours leading up to the appointment. The oral sedative is a type of Benzodiazepine (i.e. Valium, Xanax), which decreases activity in the parts of the brain that control fear and anxiety. The result is a very relaxed and calm mood that will allow your dentist to effectively do what they’re supposed to.
  2. Nitrous Oxide Gas (Happy Gas): Before and during dental work, odourless gas is gradually induced in through a mask, which can help to relax. Afterwards, the effects usually disappear within five to ten minutes.
  3. General Anaesthesia: Dental patient will be fully asleep in the hospital. Dental procedures would be performed by specialist anaesthetist in the hospital.

If you are needing to visit a dentist but have fears around your appointment then don’t worry – book your dental appointment today

Dental Sedation

In a nutshell, sleep dentistry entails the use of Intravenous Sedation. On a more technical term, this refers to the process of giving sedative drugs to a patient in order for the individual to feel tired and relaxed.