The removal of wisdom teeth, also known as the 3rd molar, is a common procedure but is also necessary if the molar impacts or damages your neighbouring teeth. The wisdom tooth grows at the back of the gums and is usually the last tooth to come through.

The lack of space in the jaw will likely mean the wisdom cannot erupt properly. This can cause your neighbouring teeth to push into an awkward or misaligned position. When this happens, the wisdom tooth is causing an impact. The symptoms of a wisdom tooth include experiencing sensitivity, infection and other dental problems. This means extraction treatment will be required to preserve the health of your mouth.

wisdom tooth side x-ray

Removing The Molar – What To Expect

Depending on the complexity of the procedure, the surgeon may choose from three types of anaesthesia.

Once the chosen anaesthesia is applied, the surgeon begins the extraction process. The surgeon will always ensure you’re in a comfortable position and relaxed as possible.

The surgeon will press something sharp against the gum tissue to test if you can feel anything. The socket is then expanded to make it easier to reach the molar that needs removing.

The affected area is disinfected before the molar is grasped from side to side using forceps equipment. The surgeon gently rocks the molar until it becomes loose. The molar will eventually dislodge out of its socket, completing the removal procedure.

What Happens After The Procedure?

Immediately after extraction, you will experience some bleeding and swelling in and around the socket. The surgeon will provide you with a soft gauze pad to bite down on to absorb the blood and form a blood clot. The blood clot helps to protect the affected area from any infection.

If the blood clot dislodges due to an oral accident, this can cause dry socket, a painful condition that can slow down recovery. Read here to learn more about dry socket.

Man with wisdom tooth ache in Brunswick

Aftercare Steps At Home

Once you return home from extraction treatment, follow these steps for fast recovery:

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