Periodontal disease occurs where infections occur within the structure of your teeth and gums. When gums become red or swollen, this is a sure sign that your oral health is in danger from periodontal disease and it can impact for years to come. Not only does it impact your oral health, but it can also impact your overall health as the infection continues to spread around your body, not just gums and teeth.

Aging has usually been the significant factor of periodontal disease. Today, we know that just ageing itself doesn’t put you at risk. There are many other factors that increase the risk.

If these factors are regular along with poor oral hygiene, you’re opening the opportunity for the following unexpected health dangers of periodontal disease.


The Health Dangers

What Are The Signs of Periodontal Disease?

If you’re experiencing any of the following warning signs, this means you’re at risk of periodontal disease.

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The last thing that anybody wants to experience is tooth loss. When this happens, it can become difficult to restore oral health naturally. Cosmetic treatments such as dentures or implants are artificial solutions that may be considered to restore your full set of teeth.

Preventing is the best form of medication for periodontal disease. Read here to learn how to prevent periodontal disease.

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