Establishing a proper oral hygiene routine early in life is essential to ensure the healthy development of strong and healthy kid’s teeth. Parents are expected to act as role models to set daily routines whilst educating children to understand the importance of positive oral hygiene. Children will always look up to their parents for guidance during their childhood years. Therefore, the role of parents in childhood hygiene will impact child oral care.

If you’re a parent wondering what the best educational practices are to educate your child about positive oral health, keep reading. Below outlines the importance of educating children about positive oral health and the impact it will have on their tooth development.

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Brushing and Flossing

Babies will first need help in brushing their teeth. This is the ideal opportunity for you as the parent to demonstrate how to brush teeth. Brush teeth in a circular motion against the front surface of the teeth at a slow speed. Brushing at a fast speed and with force can cause potential damage. When your child begins to perform this themselves, check on them to make sure they’re doing it correctly.

Schedule Their Check-Ups

As soon as the child’s first tooth begins to grow, book them in for a check-up at the dentist. A healthy relationship with the dentist promises to serve your child with extra care. The dentist will ensure that there are no dental concerns which impact their tooth development such as a cavity or tooth decay. At some stage, you will need to inform your child of a booked appointment, which may be new to them. Children need time to become accustomed to something new. Therefore, give them some time before their appointment and explain why you’ve booked an appointment for them.

Be Active At The Check-Up

Your child will be too young to understand what exactly happens at a check-up appointment. Therefore, as a parent, it is important that you play an active role and communicate with the dentist about their oral health. For example, tell the dentist about any habits they may have, and be active in ensuring you take on board any dental advice.

Wearing Mouthguards

If your child grows up to play regular contact sports, ensure that they wear a dental mouthguard at all times during activity. This will help protect their teeth from any trauma or damage to teeth in case of a physical accident.

Seek Home Oral Hygiene Tips

At the child’s appointment, it is recommended that you ask the dentist about home oral care tips. This will include tips such as the food and drink they consume and general lifestyle tips. To ensure that tooth development of your child is healthy, ensure they lay off any sugary treats and consume calcium-rich, fibre foods that keep their teeth and gums strong. You can read here to learn more about these tips.

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Children will always seek to follow parent actions. This also includes how to look after oral health. Therefore, as a parent, ensure that you carry out quality oral health and it is likely your child will follow. If your child asks any oral health related questions, you can always contact the dentist for further advice. Ultimately, you want to ensure the child can self-serve themselves to look after their teeth and be able to understand why looking after their oral health is important.

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