There are two times that you will experience sensitivity and swelling in and around your gums. First. when a wisdom tooth starts to break through the gums, and secondly when it is removed through wisdom teeth removal treatment. It cannot be said how much swelling will appear after the wisdom tooth is extracted. There are, however, remedies that you can begin at home if the swelling is severe and causing high sensitivity.

Sometimes, swelling can get worse if food debris is stuck within the affected area. This causes the facial area to exacerbate in size. Ideally, it is important that during recovery the swelled up area is kept clear at all times. Rinsing the affected area with lukewarm water is recommended at all times after eating.

Along with this, below are other helpful proven remedies to reduce swelling after wisdom tooth extraction.


Cold Compress On The Jaw

Wrap an ice pack or a frozen packet around a towel and apply the cold compress on the outer cheek of the mouth against the affected side of the face. It is recommended that you keep this on hold for 20 minutes at a time throughout the day. You should begin to notice less swelling and better movement of the mouth.

Pain-Relief Medication

Pain relief medication such as aspirin and ibuprofen will also help with swelling. For short term pain relief, it is a great option. Although, be cautious with the medication you take. Furthermore, contact your dentist and ask them for recommendations. Do not take painkillers regularly throughout the day. Follow the instructions and if the pain gets worse, contact the dentist as soon as possible.

Reduce Chewy and Sugary Foods

Chewy foods can stick in the mouth easily. Also, the amount of effort it takes to bite down on chewy foods also increases the strain on your jaw. This can slow down recovery including slowing down the reduction of swelling. Sugary foods can also inflame the area, increase sensitivity and damage your teeth. Drink water regularly throughout your recovery.

Avoid Alcohol And Tobacco

Alcohol and tobacco shouldn’t be consumed as part of your recovery. This will slower down the healing process. This also means that the swelling of the affected area will reduce slower. Continue to drink lukewarm water throughout your recovery.


Swelling can be managed as long as you take the appropriate steps to recover at home. You want to ensure that your mouth is in a comfortable position as much as possible. This also means reducing the activity of eating and speaking. If the swelling does not decrease after 2 to 3 days, it is advised that you contact the dentist at the earliest opportunity.

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