Our mouths are full of bacteria. When hearing the word bacteria, we automatically assume that this is harmful. Bacteria can become harmful if you don’t look after your oral health, although there are also good bacteria living inside the mouths to protect our oral health as well.

Harmful bacteria can introduce oral health conditions that require dental emergency treatment such as gum disease (formally known as periodontal disease), oral cancer and tooth decay. These are consequences of poor oral hygiene and a diet containing high levels of sugar.

Luckily, these can be adjusted accordingly in order to produce more good bacteria in the mouth to protect your teeth and remineralize your enamel for a happy and healthy smile.

Let’s take a look at the five favoured ways to produce good bacteria in your mouth.

High Sugar Levels

Reduce Sugar Intake

The first and most obvious step to take is to reduce your sugar intake. High levels of sugar is a big trigger for tooth decay and attract the bad bacteria which can also cause gum inflammation. One of the bad things about consuming sugar is that you continue to crave it, inhibiting the minerals that your mouth needs to keep your teeth and enamel strong. Read here to learn more about how sugar damages teeth.

Avoid Acidic Sodas

Your favourite sodas such as cola are another culprit for attracting bad bacteria. The high levels of sugar combined with bacteria can form an acid attack on your teeth, severely weakening your enamel. Consider drinking more water. Water contains fluoride properties that reduce the chances of cavity and tooth decay and is a natural source of cleaning food debris off teeth. If you suffer from certain medical conditions, you may also be in danger of acid reflux from the esophagus which can impact your oral health if it becomes severe. Read here to learn how to control acid reflux.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking is well known for damaging your internal organs, but it can also produce bad bacteria in the mouth. By harming the microorganisms in the mouth, the harmful bacteria will be more present. Smoking reduces the ability for the body to fight off bad bacteria within the immune system and can also cause gum disease.

Eat Calcium and Organic Foods

Fruit and vegetables contain rich sources of calcium and fibre, two forms of nutritious value that reduces harmful bacteria. Along with fruit and vegetables, consume protein foods that contain calcium, fibre and protein such as eggs, dairy foods and nuts. These foods can also benefit your gums, reducing chances of cavity and tooth decay.

Manage Blood Sugar Levels

Blood sugar levels need to be controlled, particularly if you’re a diabetic patient. Oral bacteria can disturb or fluctuate your blood sugar levels. Sugar levels can also be controlled with a high-fibre diet, which will keep the harmful bacteria away.

check up at the dentist

Harmful bacteria are a trigger that damages your enamel and your teeth. It is important that you take the necessary steps to keep sugar consumption low and enrich your mouth with the nutrients it requires for a happy and healthy mouth.

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