It is not just consuming sugar that are harmful to your teeth, it is acid as well. Although, something to be mindful of is the more sugar you consume combined with weak oral hygiene, the more likely your mouth will suffer from dental erosion in the form of an acid attack. The calcium and phosphate properties, two ingredients for strong and healthy teeth, become dissolved. This means your teeth is at risk of decay and emergency treatment will be required.

Many drinks contain certain acids. The trouble is these are drinks that you love to consume.

acid attack on enamel

Dangers of Acidic Drinks

lady consuming sugar with a sugar drink

The Best Drinks For Your Teeth

Keeping your enamel safe requires you to consume drinks that are at a high pH level. Consuming the following drinks also produces high levels of saliva, which is an important property to fight off bacteria and acid build-up.

Alcohol, sodas and wine can be consumed in moderation as part of a meal but should not be consumed regularly if you want to keep your teeth and enamel healthy to show off a strong, shiny smile. Your teeth may also be damaged from acid reflux, a medical condition that can cause enamel erosion if it becomes severe. Read here to learn how to control acid reflux.

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