As a parent, you always want the very best for your children. This also means making sure your child’s oral health is in strong condition. Whilst it can be difficult to get children to adopt a positive oral health routine as a toddler, it is vitally important so that their tooth and speech development do not become affected, and when your children eventually grow up, they’re able to look after their teeth themselves.

Although, as a parent, you’re more likely to have experienced dental problems with your child. Dental problems are common in children of all ages.

If you as a parent are looking to understand the common dental problems in children to prepare you for the actions you would need to take, you’ve come to the right place.

Below breaks down the common dental problems in children.

Cavities and decay in kids teeth


At a young age, parents are usually required to accompany their child to help them brush and floss their teeth. You want to ensure their teeth and gums are cleaned correctly. If not performed correctly, plaque can become stuck on their teeth. This can cause cavities to form. Cavities occur when openings or holes form at the centre of the tooth. This is not just caused by poor brushing and flossing, but a high sugar diet and regular snacking as well. Your child will likely require a dental filling.

Tooth Decay

Plaque can continue to build inside the mouth and cause build-up of bacteria. Bacteria feeds off food particles that remain in the mouth. As time goes on, your child is likely to experience early tooth decay. The dentist would then be required to drill away the decay and apply the filling. Although, if the decay is deemed too severe, the dentist may consider extracting the tooth.

Wisdom Teeth

A wisdom tooth is known as an impacted tooth that does not erupt from the gum properly. Wisdom teeth are quite common in children, particularly within their teenage years. Children will experience sensitivity, facial swelling and gumline swelling. These are the symptoms of wisdom teeth. It is likely that the wisdom tooth would need to be extracted to ensure your child’s neighbouring teeth grow straight and are not impacted.

Thumb Sucking

Thumb sucking is a natural habit, particularly for toddlers. This is typically done to soothe any anxieties. Thumb sucking has an impact on how teeth develop. Ensure that this habit is stopped. This is because it can impact the growth and positioning of teeth as they develop. This can make it difficult for your child to bite and chew down on food without damaging teeth.

Gingivitis or Gum Disease

Gingivitis, or Gum Disease, is also common in children as well. When children brush and floss their teeth if they experience bleeding or swollen gums, it’s likely to be gingivitis.  This stems from poor oral hygiene or a lack of care taken when brushing teeth. Therefore, it is important as a parent that your child learns how to brush their teeth the right way to avoid gum problems.

child in pain

Final Thoughts…

Children may also experience dental phobias and anxieties. This is particularly common during their first appointment or something about dentistry they simply don’t like. Work with your children by being a positive role model. The way that you as a parent look after your own teeth, ensure you pass this onto your children to avoid these dental problems. Read here to learn the key tips on maintaining positive oral hygiene for your child.

Your child can then look forward to a straight, healthy smile for the long-term.

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